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MOOC-Clinical Reasoning Process course, May 1st to June 12th 2017

1 mai au 12 juin 2017 ,

We invite you to participate in the MOOC-Clinical Reasoning Process course, which will run for the first time between may 1 to june 12, 2017. This MOOC (massive open online course, or online course open to all) has been developed by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montreal in collaboration with the schools of dentistry, nursing, veterinary medicine and pharmacy. It is based on a model of clinical reasoning published in the journal Medical Education in 2012. Familiarity with this model through the training offered in this course will help you better support the development of clinical reasoning in the learners you supervise. You can browse through the course material at your own pace, and you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other participants and share your own experiences and opinions. The course will be facilitated by Dr. Nathalie Caire Fon and Dr. Stuart Lubarsky, who have both been instrumentally involved in the development of the model.

For more information and free registration please visit:

Enjoy your learning experience through participating in this MOOC!

Nathalie Caire Fon, Stuart Lubarsky and members of the MOOC team


Début :
1 mai 2017, 8:00
Fin :
12 juin 2017, 17:00